Thursday, March 5, 2009

Defination of Cow Peh Cow Bo

I get a funny forwarded email from my colleague.
Let me share with you guyz.

Cow peh = 哭爹 = cry father, Cow bo = 哭母 = cry mother, in a proper Chinese term would be 哭爹喊娘 or in hokkien is 哭爹哭母, direct translated into English would be Cry father Cry mother.

The application of cow peh cow bo:

Hokkien: Kan neh~ Chit za bek za, cow peh cow bo~

English: Fuck~ early in the morning, make noise. (The noise level (measured in dB) is hereby described as someone cries out loud when their parents passed away)

Cow peh can be used independently, whereas Cow bo normally will attached to Cow Peh to form a meaningful words.

Cow peh
Noun: describe a person who like to complaint.
e.g.Hokkien: Cow peh lai liao~
English: Here comes the cow peh.

(1)very; extremely
e.g Hokkien: Wa lau eh, that guy hor, luan ka Cow Peh ah~
English: What the fuck, that guy hor, very very noisy ah~
In this situation, luan ka cow peh is similar to si beh luan.
Hence, cow peh is used to enhance the feeling and describe how noisy it is.

(2)like to complaint or noisy
e.g. Dulan Meng not only dulan, but cow peh~

Verb: (1)make noise
e.g.Hokkien: Lu diam diam la, mai ka gua cow peh ~
English: You shut up la, don't make noise ~

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  1. this 1 damn interesting..
    hope to c another translation from hokkien to english later..